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Here’s some spiffy anecdotal research for you:

The average would-be freelance writer spends more months than they care to admit in the “getting ready to get ready” phase before they ever land a single client.


Nothing gives me the sads more than seeing yet another writer pop up in my inbox or Facebook post...

talking about how they’ve spent months doing… well, basically a whole lotta nothin’ toward building their writing career.

It’s a common story:

the story of the freelance writer who theoretically could,

but never actually did.

"The value packed into her courses is worth any investment you make."

Alaina, freelance writer


  • Reading blog posts about freelance writing (without actually taking any action)
  • Typing "how to be a freelance writer" into Google and taking in all the bad, conflicting advice
  • Spending hours on Pinterest collecting writing tips that you'll never go back to again
  • Bidding for crummy writing jobs on Upwork for clients who treat you like dirt... if they even bother to notice you at all
  • Sending a few applications to writing jobs you find on ProBlogger or Indeed and never hearing back, ever
  • Building "the perfect writer website" (that no one ever sees)

Sadsville, anyone?

But it gets worse...

The more you learn about becoming a freelance writer, the more real and scary and intimidating it all seems.

It’s practically a checklist of all the things people spend their lives trying to avoid:

  • Tons of rejection? Check.
  • People judging everything you do? Check.
  • Chasing people down for money they owe you? Check.
  • Spending time writing about things that are boring? Check.
  • Phone calls, emails, and messages around the clock? Check, check, and check.

Not to mention that huge, gaping chasm between the starting line (where you are) and the big wins that the more successful writers are sharing.

Yeah. Right in the ugly feels.

No wonder it's so hard to get started.

I felt that same struggle for the first few years of my freelance writing career.

(Yes, years. It took me a long time to get sorted!)

I went all-in on freelancing when I became a single mom so I could be home with my kiddo, but it took me a while to get off the ground.

The switch finally flipped for me on one of the hardest days of my life...

I had one ongoing client who had offered me a pile of work, and I’d quoted a rate that felt like a lot of money to me at the time.

But as the deadline approached, I realized that it was taking forever to get it all done. I was about to miss a deadline for the first time ever.

With one day left, I sent my toddler over to my mom’s house so I could have the whole day to write.

I worked the entire day, met the deadline, and tried not to think about the fact that I'd sent my kid away and spent 11 miserable hours to earn less than $100.

This was the exact opposite of my vision when I first started freelancing.

And when all was said and done, I was earning about 2 cents per word.

I was gutted. That night, I stared at my sleeping boy and cried tears of guilt and frustration.

That’s when I knew I had to find a better way.

I knew there were people out there making great money with freelance writing (I kept seeing their blog posts), so I decided to figure out what they were doing differently and find my own success.

So I started connecting with other freelancers online.

I read other people’s shares. I scrolled every comment section I could find, digging for clues and insights. And when I was confused, I forced myself out of shyness and asked questions.

Almost as if by accident, I found myself part of a community of freelancers that I didn’t even know had existed. I even managed to find a mentor who was willing to answer my questions, offer insights, and kick my rear when necessary.

I was working as hard as I could… trying new client-finding strategies, learning about digital marketing, and practicing my writing.

Head down, doing the work. As it should be.

And then something amazing happened...

My new “online friends” started sending me work.

Whether they had too much on their plate or a project that just wasn’t the right fit, my freelancer friends started to recommend my services to clients who were ready to hire.

My mentor started sending me work, too. She even hired me to write for her a few times!

Between everything I was doing to find clients on my own… and the additional work that was coming my way via other sources…

My portfolio improved; my reputation grew, and my pitching became more effective.

Soon, I was officially booked out and making 5x the per-word rate I’d started with just a few months prior.

The biggest game-changer?

People knowing who I was.

The biggest game-changer?

People knowing who I was.

Because... getting people to know who you are is just another way of saying marketing.

(Oh, yeah. I’m busting out the M-word.)

For years I’d thought that marketing myself meant things like putting up fliers in local coffee shops, handing out business cards at boring networking events, and, of course, sending cold emails and applying for job board gigs until my fingernails had dug holes in my keyboard.

What I didn’t realize was that marketing doesn’t have to feel pushy, or “salesy,” or shrouded in mystery.

Marketing just meant connecting with people so they would know who I am and what I could do for them.

booked out status =

writing skills + connections

If you can understand this one principle, you’ll never have to wonder how to find clients again.

Your ideal clients are out there, waiting to connect with you.

Whether you’re initiating these connections with a pitch, chatting with someone you just met, or simply being your helpful self on social media…

These connections will lead you to all kinds of things that are good for business:

  • Confidence and experience
  • Camaraderie and support
  • Guidance when you're lost or stuck
  • Valuable feedback and advice
  • and, of course, GREAT CLIENTS

Eventually other struggling writers began to notice that I was working very-part-time hours while raising a small family, and they had questions.

So I began to teach my methods.

Since those early days, I’ve helped thousands of students take their first steps into freelance writing, and many of them have gone on to have successful careers for themselves.

Now I want to show YOU how to get the same results.



Ashley Gainer is a d*mn good writer.


I get excited every time I peek at your draft.



I'm Ashley Gainer, and I've been where you are.

When I was getting started as a freelance writer, I had no idea what I was doing. There weren’t many people talking about being a freelance writer back then, and the only information I could find was locked behind a 4-figure paywall I couldn’t afford.

These days, new writers face the opposite problem: TONS of experts pumping out endless content teaching outdated, unhelpful, and sometimes conflicting information that still leaves you clueless about actually finding the right clients.

Stop that madness. Take a deep breath. Let me help you.

When you have the writing chops, being a successful freelancer is more about people than anything else.




But when it comes to landing great clients and building a consistent pipeline of work, positioning yourself to connect with the right people is the absolute best thing you can do.

And that goes in both directions:

  • You need to reach out to clients directly and make those connections
  • You need to put yourself where the clients come to you (aka "attract" clients)

(That’s outbound marketing vs. inbound marketing, by the way.)

Once I began to see that there was so much more to “finding clients” than just pitching, it was all systems go for me.

I started leveraging the platforms I liked most and began experimenting with ways to build the kind of rapport that led to more clients.

And it paid off! My pipeline started filling up.

"Ashley's insight is so very helpful!"

Bobbi Jo, freelancer

Once I began to see that there was so much more to “finding clients” than just pitching, it was all systems go for me.

I started leveraging the platforms I liked most and began experimenting with ways to build the kind of rapport that led to more clients.

And it paid off!

My pipeline started filling.

I began to hit all those milestones that writers dream of:

  • Turning down gigs that don't pay enough (this one came surprisingly fast)
  • Letting go of clients who aren't the easiest to work with
  • Raising my rates painlessly
  • Having more work come from referrals than pitches
  • Hitting consistent $2,000… $5,000… even $10,000 months

And one more thing… I began sending work to other writers.

Oh, yeah. Talk about gratifying.

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing I’m sending a great potential client to an up-and-coming writer.

And now, my friend, it’s your turn to be the one getting work left and right.

Let's get your switchboard lighting up with

The “everything-you-need-and-nothing-you-don’t” course for freelance writers who want to skip the low-paying work and start making good money with great clients

This is the fast track into the gratifying world of freelance writing. You’ll get all my hard-earned secrets to:

  • Fit your writing career into your schedule, no matter how tight
  • Find work that pays well and is worth your time (no more writing for pennies!)
  • Impress prospective clients, even if you're new
  • Build confidence in your skills so you can be self-assured with clients
  • Get the roadmap to success, laid out step by step, so you always know what to do next
  • Determine the "sweet spot" for your skills, background, and interests, without having to worry about the competition
  • Discover the ways established copywriters develop an unending stream of great clients without having to do any icky selling

Whether you have 5 hours a week or you’re ready to go full-time, Booked-Out Writer is perfect for establishing yourself as an in-demand, go-to writer.

"I just landed my first paid gig! Thank you, Ashley, for your tips, tricks, and very real advice!"

Erin, freelance writer

let's take a gander at



First Things First

How to hard-wire your freelance career for success, right out of the gate

Most beginning freelance writers wash out before they ever make any real money, but why? This module goes into all the critical first decisions you need to make before you type a single word, from business setup to goal-setting and more.

You’ll come away with a schedule and planning system, a pricing guide, basic business systems set up, and specific goals you can start hitting right away.


TRUE Marketing

How to market without being a sleazeball… so you can land and impress your new clients.

Many new writers think “marketing” is a dirty word, and that works against them. In this module, you’ll discover the true meaning of marketing, how to market effectively, and market in your writing.

You’ll come away knowing how to weave ethical and effective marketing principles into every aspect of your business and client work so that clients will keep coming back again and again.


Your Writing Portfolio

How to put together a winning portfolio that does most of the “selling” for you… even if you’ve never written a word for pay before.

Before you can send an effective pitch to a prospective client, you need to have a solid portfolio to back you up. This module guides you through the process of creating (or curating) a portfolio of writing samples that will impress prospects and make it easier to get writing work.

You’ll come away with a solid plan for writing samples, plus answers to the most common portfolio questions.


Your Key People

How to harness the driving force behind every successful writing career without being spammy or weird.

Relationships are the most powerful force in your writing career, especially when it comes to finding and landing clients. There are several types of relationships you need to develop, and this module shows you how to manage them all in ways that are both natural and effective.

You’ll come away with a plan for identifying and developing the key relationships that will keep your career steady.


Website Essentials

How to put together a writer website quickly… so you can avoid wasting months on this project and get right to work.

The single greatest waste of time I see new writers making is spending months building a cutting-edge, robust website before they spend a second on career-building. In this module, you’ll leap-frog the competition and set up a simple but effective writer website quickly.

You’ll come away with a website that positions you to impress prospects and land more work.


Core Business Setup

How to set up the necessary systems and processes that will keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Once you’re out there, getting work and making it happen, you’ll need to have the right infrastructure to support you. This module covers the basics of your business finances and other business logistics to make managing your writing gig doable, and maybe even enjoyable!

You’ll come away with your business documents and finances set up and ready to roll.

The following modules cover specific strategies that working writers use every day to get booked out:



How to use the robust LinkedIn features to establish yourself and find great clients.

Everyone “knows” that LinkedIn is where your clients are hanging out, but how do you operate on that platform without being pushy or spending a bunch of time shouting into the void? In this module, you’ll get profile, connection, and publishing strategies that will help you tap into this huge source of clients.

You’ll come away with an optimized profile, a non-spammy connection strategy, and a publishing schedule that will get you attention.



How to find clients on Facebook without alienating your friends and family.

If everyone is hanging out on Facebook, that means your ideal clients are hanging out on Facebook! With the tweaks and practices you’ll get in this module, you’ll have a natural strategy for connecting with great prospects and building a referral network that keeps your client roster full.

You’ll come away with an optimized profile, a business page, and a framework for landing clients on Facebook easily and naturally.


Pitches & Cold Emails

How to write and send cold emails the right way, every time.

Pitches and cold emails are the bane of our existence… but they don’t have to be! In this module, I’ll guide you through a few simple frameworks for making your cold email outreach not only straightforward, but maybe even a little bit fun!

You’ll come away with templates ready to personalize and send, a plan for identifying the right prospects, and tools to make it all easier.


Agencies & Job Boards

How to find ongoing work on writing job boards and with agencies.

Job boards and agencies are often the doorway to ongoing work, but it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. This module shows you how to get the right kind of attention that gets you hired... instead of getting lost in the cattle call.

Come away with winning strategies to get your foot in the door and a writing portfolio + resume that puts you in the spotlight.

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.



BONUS 1: How to Write a Blog Post

I’m including a module from my huge copywriting course, Copy Confidential, to show you exactly how to write one of the most common (and easiest to land) types of client work. (Value: $197)

BONUS 2: How to Scale Masterclass

More money in less time doing work you enjoy... that’s the dream, right? This bonus module will take you through your options for scaling and put you on the right path. (Value: $197)

BONUS 3: Contract Template

You need to work with a contract in place, so I’m giving you a free contract to use. Fill in the details for each client and each assignment, and get to work! (Value: $500)

BONUS 4: Affirmations

Affirmations can become mantras you tell yourself every time you’re facing an obstacle. Choose the one you need, from a list of 50 affirmations written exclusively for this course. You’ll also receive a guide to using affirmations. (Value: $47)

BONUS 5: Student Community

My Ink Well Guild Journeyfolk private student community is active and helpful, I’m in there every day, and you’ll have unlimited access to the group. (Value: $564)

"I just pitched and landed (!!!) my first client for more than double the money I expected.

Keaghan, freelance writer


• Unlimited Access to Booked-Out Writer Digital Course* (valued at $1497)

• BONUS: How to Write a Blog Post (valued at $197)

• BONUS: How to Scale Masterclass (valued at $197)

• BONUS: Affirmations for Freelance Writers (valued at $47)

• BONUS: Contract Template (valued at $500)

• PLUS Unlimited Access to the Student Community (valued at $564)


regular PRICE = $697



"Finding you has made more positive impact on my business than anything else so far. Just FYI 💗"

Allison, writer & editor

Here's My Guilded Guarantee

You absolutely can make a career out of writing, on your terms and with your integrity intact. Booked-Out Writer will show you how.

If Booked-Out Writer can't help you establish yourself as a freelance writer and find all the clients you need to get booked out, you deserve your money back.

That’s why I’m offering a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you enroll in this course, delve into all the material I've included, and still think I can't help you be a freelance writer... simply send me an email at support@ashleygainer.com and I’ll happily refund 100% of your enrollment.